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The Admissions Process

Thank you for choosing Logos Theology Institute, we are Biblical Institution like no other, no intimidation, no red tape, just a renewed heart, mind, and teachable spirit. If you are ready for your new walk then register for classes now. Affordable and convenient to attend, online or on-location. Apply Now

The first step to enrollment is to submit, a application and a 250 Word Essay on why you want to attend Logos Theology Institution and send to the Admissions Department. Second Watch the Orientation video and email the responses back to the Registrar.

Benefits of Logos Theology Institute

Reasons you should attend our Biblical Institution:

  • No Hassle enrollment, Affordable classes
  • Online or On-location courses
  • Accelerated or Self-paced schedules
  • Receive Credit for real Life experiences
  • Small classes and individualized instruction
  • Scholarships available

*Transfer Your Credits and apply toward your Degree


Checkout the details of our programs

There are several Degree Plans & Programs available to you.

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