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The Admissions Process

Thank you for choosing Logos Theology Institute, we are Biblical Institution like no other, no intimidation, no red tape, just a renewed heart, mind, and teachable spirit. If you are ready for your new walk then register for classes now. Affordable and convenient to attend, online or on-location. Apply Now

The first step to enrollment is to submit, a application and a 250 Word Essay on why you want to attend Logos Theology Institution and send to the Admissions Department.

Benefits of Logos Theology Institute

Reasons you should attend our Biblical Institution:

  • No Hassle enrollment, Affordable classes
  • Online or On-location courses
  • Accelerated or Self-paced schedules
  • Receive Credit for real Life experiences
  • Small classes and individualized instruction
  • Scholarships available

*Transfer Your Credits and apply toward your Degree


Checkout the details of our programs

There are several Degree Plans & Programs available to you.

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