Current Students Welcome Back!

You have taken the first step in joining a Bible College community that you will begin your full Christian walk with Christ. Here you will learn to connect the Trinity of your Mind, Body, and Spirit-man in the Fullness that Christ intended for you.

Campus Life. Where you are an online of ground student you will enjoy the live atmosphere we have here. We encourage you to join in with all of the different activities that we have. Once every month we have a ministry service that is ran by the students.

Spirit Day/Night: This is where the students render church service. We have three Services each Month. Two are held on ground in the Institute Facility, and the other is online.

Use this website as a Tool and Reference for your Christian Walk.

We are excited you made the decision to join Logos Theology Institute, and we give Christ all the Glory and Honor.

Monthly Student Activities Calendar

Student ServicesStudent ForumStudent ClubsStudent in Community
Church Service 1st Week Forum Topic 1 LTI Leaders of Tomorrow Logos Toy Drive
Church Service 2nd Week Forum Topic 2 LTI Alumni Logos Habitat
Church Service 3rd Week Forum Topic 3 LTI Warriors Logos On Da Streets
Church Service 5th Week Forum Topic 4 LTI Chaplain Ambassadors Prison Chaplains

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Campus Safety & Security

Campus Safety & Security

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We have an Awesome Music, Dance, and Video Production Degree Program.

Monthly Concerts, and Musicals and coverage of events. Learn hands-on LIVE applications for TV/Video Coverage.

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