COLLEGE OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES:Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Religious Studies

This Program is designed for you to recognize hurting souls, break strong-holds, and restore the spirit well being.

ART OF TECHNOLOGY:MultiMedia Production, Music Arts, Theater, Film & TV, Dance Performance

This Program is designed to teach practical application of media and sound systems for worship performers and congregation.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & CHURCH ADMINISTRATION: Church Administration, Christian Caregiving, Pastoral Counseling, Pastoral Communication, Pastoral Training

This Program is designed for Pastors and Leaders,- following the belief of the Five Fold Ministry. Teaching Church protocol and Business Administration.

This Program will cover some of the Books of the Bible, it will focus on how to be a pastor. How to handle today's issues and problems that may arise in the church. It will focus on what it means to be a Pastor. The Pastoral Program will focus on the Pastor also being able to work with his members, and keeping his or her personal life from the congregation.

COLLEGE OF THEOLOGY & MINISTRY: English Bible Concentration, Pastoral Christian Ministries, Theological History Studies, International Evangelism, and Bible Prophecy

This Program is designed for the study of God and religious beliefs and doctrine. We will assess the original intent and plan for mankind on Earth. This includes Evangelism and Worldwide perspectives.

COLLEGE OF FINANCE & GOVERNMENT: Biblical World Economics, Church Finance, New Nations, Old Nations, New World Order

This Program is designed to educate the student on the Financial Aspects of Ministry and Biblical context of Financial Power


*Honorary Degrees are given to person who have studies in or worked with our school whom have shown exemplary behavior and character in the Degree given. A person may also be nominated by their Pastor, or Overseer of their church for this Degree.

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Survey of the Bible, Sound Apprectice, Photography Elements

  1. AA or AS
  2. Bachelors of Arts/Science
  3. Masters Degree
  4. Doctoral