New Students - What You Need to Know...

Logos is a Biblical Institution & Network for Ministries and Biblical Students. Our Headquarters School is based in Florida and we have been Online since 2011. Our Instructors have vast knowledge and years of experience behind each of the Department Programs. We pride ourselves with the active and continued participation and financial support of our Alumni.

Ground or Online. Each Program has a 4-Week Session or the Full Term 6-weeks. Teachers may be different depending on the Session or Term. Your Attendance is stricter during the Sessions more than One Absence, you could fail the Class.

Course Videos. Each course videos are designed for you to watch without the worry of Buffering. These Videos are good resolution.

Tests & Assignments. Easy to submit tests and assignments during your Session or Term. Initial Test are multiple choice and Later Tests are Fill in the Blank. Be mindful of your posts everyone can see what you posts and it shows your name.

Feel Free to Contact Us to answer any questions you may have.

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